Play Devil's Advocate artwork

Play Devil’s Advocate is an experimental gag comic with an art style very different from anything else I’ve done. After completing one chapter, I put the story on hiatus indefinitely.

This comic represents the early stages of STIMULUS. I was looking for something that I could produce on a monthly basis, so I went with an expressionistic art style that is almost entirely stream of consciousness (I still used a storyboard though). The idea was that I would sketch out a loose, visceral page without worrying about sloppy mistakes. The style would lend itself to the story while saving me a lot of time — I would then use that time to write more chapters! Theoretically, I could churn out one page every two days and become a GOD OF PROLIFICACY. But, this wasn’t the balance I was looking for because I wasn’t satisfied with the artwork.

Let’s talk about this balance and the best use of TIME.

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Text-Man by Garrett Sneen

Text-Man is a short story about an ironic superhero, drawn in a very dramatic art style (think Sin City). The story was submitted to a comic anthology with a mandatory “superhuman” theme. I personally hate superhero comics, but I’m into the ironic superhero comics like The Watchman and Death Ray. I decided to go this route and wrote what’s essentially the superhero for millennials — A man who can interpret ambiguous texts when it comes to dating.

Overall, I think this is a solid comic. Looks great, has a couple of good gags… but it doesn’t stick with me, personally. It’s difficult to have a traditional narrative structure in 10 pages, so I went with two short vignettes. I think the pacing is what doesn’t feel right. Either that or it’s the art style…

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STIMULUS android poster artwork

My site is up! My comics are up! Although I have individual websites for every comic I’ve written, I’ve consolidated them here. I’m going to be posting everything as a downloadable pdf instead of making them readable in the browser. Read all of my stuff, and make sure you print STIMULUS out because that’s what it’s designed for. I’m not sure if the comment section works yet, but leave some comments if you can. Social media? Not sure if that works either. Still working on it… Updates coming soon!

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