The Spacetronaut Part One. I’m kicking off the STIMULUS series with the original existential nightmare. More to come.
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The Spacetronaut Part Two. The further adventures of a really depressed astronaut.
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The Spacetronaut Part Three. It’s the final chapter in this story for now. STIMULUS Issue #4 is going to be more similar to Automata and will have a tighter narrative.
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A short one-shot comic about a dystopia. Published in Alterna’s IF Sci-Fi anthology. Also the first comic I ever finished! I’ve written a spinoff that will be in upcoming STIMULUS issues.
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A short one-shot comic about an ironic 21st century superhero. Text-Man has the greatest super power of all time — he can interpret ambiguous texts. I guess he’s really good at online dating?
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Play Devil’s Advocate (Issue #1)

The story of a young man who finds himself in the worst hell imaginable — high school. This one is a sort of riff on Shounen Manga, but it’s still as ironic and existentially bleak as my other comics. Fun Fact: Immediately after creating this issue, I realized I hate digital comics and vowed to never design another comic for mobile devices. But, since it’s already finished, you might as well enjoy reading this on your little screens you heathens.
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5 thoughts on “Read Comics

  1. I am a fan of your work and I’m happy to see that you are telling such a great story on STIMULUS. I am looking forward to Issue 3!
    I was wondering if you were doing any other issues of AUTOMATA? It would be so cool to see another 2 stories with diff characters as the main protagonists before going all in and doing regular issues such as the ones for STIMULUS.

    Stay positive, be cool and best of luck on your journey.

    1. Thanks, dude. Issue #4 is going back to the Automata universe. It’s going to be “The history of the future” with each chapter highlighting another dystopia humanity has arrived at. Should be pretty funny/depressing. I’m taking my time with it though. I’m not satisfied with how I wrote The Spacetronaut and so I want to plan out my other stories better.

  2. Hello Stimulus

    Really like what your doing its a novel idea i havent seen before (downloading comic)
    I too am working on something that involves design and concept (mod Central) it involves a fictitious underground station in London i think you could bring some life to it. Its more of a poster design really. Anyway i am going to download something of yours, if you feel like letting me know what your up to that would be great.

    Regards Mark Edwards

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