Play Devil's Advocate artwork

Play Devil’s Advocate is an experimental gag comic with an art style very different from anything else I’ve done. After completing one chapter, I put the story on hiatus indefinitely.

This comic represents the early stages of STIMULUS. I was looking for something that I could produce on a monthly basis, so I went with an expressionistic art style that is almost entirely stream of consciousness (I still used a storyboard though). The idea was that I would sketch out a loose, visceral page without worrying about sloppy mistakes. The style would lend itself to the story while saving me a lot of time — I would then use that time to write more chapters! Theoretically, I could churn out one page every two days and become a GOD OF PROLIFICACY. But, this wasn’t the balance I was looking for because I wasn’t satisfied with the artwork.

Let’s talk about this balance and the best use of TIME.

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Text-Man by Garrett Sneen

Text-Man is a short story about an ironic superhero, drawn in a very dramatic art style (think Sin City). The story was submitted to a comic anthology with a mandatory “superhuman” theme. I personally hate superhero comics, but I’m into the ironic superhero comics like The Watchman and Death Ray. I decided to go this route and wrote what’s essentially the superhero for millennials — A man who can interpret ambiguous texts when it comes to dating.

Overall, I think this is a solid comic. Looks great, has a couple of good gags… but it doesn’t stick with me, personally. It’s difficult to have a traditional narrative structure in 10 pages, so I went with two short vignettes. I think the pacing is what doesn’t feel right. Either that or it’s the art style…

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