Hello there. In an effort to grow as an artist, I’ve started a new project that doesn’t make sense to most people. After speaking with a couple hundred people at comic conventions, I’ve compiled a list of answers to some frequently asked questions…

“What is STIMULUS?”

STIMULUS is an ongoing experimental comic anthology that is meant to be printed by the reader. The stories are about overcoming the existential nightmares that can block creativity while the comic itself is my answer to getting through my own creative blockage. I’m stimulating my creativity by trying something new. I want to publish and distribute my all of my work, but I can’t afford to do that. Therefore, my solution to the challenge of getting my comics in your hands is to ask you to download and print the comics yourself!

“Why am I supposed to print this? Can’t I just read it digitally?”

The short answer is that printing it will give you a better reading experience!

The long answer is… I can’t stand most digital comics. The idea of someone reading my comics on a smartphone fucking infuriates me. Oversized high resolution tablets are cool, but are still a degraded reading experience in my opinion. There’s magic in printed material. I draw STIMULUS with a specific format in mind and I hope that my readers experience my work in the way I intended.

“Okay, but won’t printing these things use up all my ink?”

Nah. STIMULUS uses very little ink because of the overall minimalistic design. Trust me, we’re both saving a lot of money doing it this way. The minimalistic design also fits well with the existential themes.

“Why is it printed sideways?”

It’s printed laterally — a reference to the fact that this project is all about lateral thinking. When you can’t solve a problem directly, you have to change the rules! I can’t publish my comics, so I’m asking my readers to publish them for me. It’s all about being unconventional. Appropriately enough, the stories in STIMULUS are also about people who are forced to deal with their challenges in an unconventional way… and usually failing.

“But, what’s the point of this project?”

C’mon, the point is STIMULATION, obviously. Now read my stories and leave me some feedback if you’re so inclined. We’ll make it through this existential nightmare together.


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  1. Maybe you want to do your own comics, but why don’t you start working for a bigger company? You will gain more and more fans and you could just start again when you can. (look where Todd Mcfarlane is now).

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